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Size vs. Function....Handset makers' Dilemma

POLYSTAK will give you an answer.

So called "Digital Convergence" requires mobile phone do more function than ever before. Digital camera, music and streaming video playabilities are few examples of most common functions required by today's handset. In order to properly performs all those functions, mobile phone should utilize more parts while the size of handset keep shrunk....and space limitation becomes a major issue as a result.
Through the multi-layered stacking of different types of chips, POLYSTAK's MCP and SiP solution will help you make your handset handier and do more mobile.

POLYSTAK provides 3D packaging solution for customers in communication, computing and network industry.
POLYSTAK provides 3D packaging solutions to fulfill customers' needs to make smaller but multi functional end products. Since the beginning, POLYSTAK has provided 3D packaging solution such as proprietary Direct Stacking Technology for customers in computer/networking customers and recently we added Multi-Chip Package (MCP) in our product portfolio to serve wireless customers as well as existing ones.

Thanks to our quality proven products and services, POLYSTAK has been qualified by major semiconductors and leading OEMs. in computer/networking and, digital/consumer electronics markets and the followings are few examples of where our products and services are used.

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digital camera
mp3 player
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