As the world entered into the Digital/Mobile Convergence era, the demand for System-in-Package (SiP), which enabling higher levels of integration between different types of integrated circuits,has rapidly grown during the past few years.

POLYSTAK's customized SiP solution will give wireless customers a flexible combination of integrating IC chips on system board that utilizing up to 4 dies. A combination of DSP + SRAM + Flash or ASIC+Memory are just few examples of possible options we could provide.

POLYSTAK always participates from the initial product design stage to assembly/testing and discuss every details to meet handset maker's requirements. We strongly believe that such level of involvement with customer ensures us to bring right product in right time for right customer.

No matter what customers concern most, whether it’s a space limitation, lead time, budget or even everything, POLYSTAK's SiP solution will enable customers to overcome those hurdles and deliver final product to the market faster and cost effectively.


          Benefits of POLYSTAK's SiP solution

             Smaller size than individually-packaged ICs
              Combining one or more IC chips with other components under single package, SiP significantly reduce the size

             Faster time-to-market
              Design flexibility and easier modification process compared to SoC enables customers bring their product to the market faster

             Lower cost
              Through integrating multiple dies in one package, SiP could save packaging cost, system board space and more

             Design flexibility
              SiP could be easily redesigned and modified without the system board change

             Better electrical performance
              Noise reduction by placing several components within a same package which normally located individually on the system board

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