Stacked 1G DDR and 2G DDR2
are now available



Since the beginning of our operation back in 1999, POLYSTAK has adopted lead-free process for most products that comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive which soon will be effective in E.U.

3D Memory Stacking

By stacking two or more memory chips, POLYSTAK effectively produces single memory components with significant advantages over single-chip devices of comparable density. The three of most prominent advantages are:

availability in high volume before the same-density, single-chip solution comes to market

cost effectiveness until the same-density monolithic device drops to price parity

significant space saving via 3D structure
Rework/ Repair
POLYSTAK currently provides Rework/Repair services to major semiconductors with the range of services from pre-diagnosis and rework/repair to testing those refurbished products in both module and component level.
BGA Reballing
As the majority of devices adopt BGA packages and lead-free process becomes mandatory, the electronic manufacturing service industry produces more defectives compared to when they use TSOP packages and conventional process with Pb base materials.

POLYSTAK offers cost effective BGA Reballing service that makes damaged BGA packaged parts turn into like new condition.
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