SDR/DDR I/ NAND Flash stack

POLYSTAK manufactures and markets double-density SDR/DDRI/NAND Flash memory components using patented, proprietary Direct Stacking Technology. This technology is contrasted to “Indirect Stacking Technology” which uses more materials and more complicated manufacturing processes. By eliminating those extra material used in "Indirect Stacking Technology", Direct Stacking Technology produces double-density memory components with greater reliability, higher yield, more space-saving, and that are more cost effective than competitive products.

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DDR II stack

POLYSTAK also offers stacking service for DDRII DRAM which is in f BGA package. To achieve ultimate objectives of stacking, minimize the size of component while doubling the density, POLYSTAK using die stacking process to stack DDR II. POLYSTAK's DDR II stack provides as same quality and reliability as that of monolithic device with same density and maintains almost same characteristics including mechanical dimension.

POLYSTAK Part Numbering System

  For package stacked SDR/DDR I components, POLYSTAK's part number is composed of the "POLYSTAK Stack Type" followed by the component manufacturer's original part number in parenthesis.    
  For DDR I / II multi chip products, please contact us at    

Available stack solution

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