Product Portfolio

Customized Solutions
POLYSTAK's customized Stacked CSP products will deliver mobile handset customers new levels of design flexibility through the multiple die combination matrix which yield significant space savings while put more functions under single package
NAND/NOR Flash based MCP
POLYSTAK offers variety range of NAND/ NOR Flash memory based Multi Chip Packages for customers in mobile handset industry.
DRAM Multi-chip Package
POLYSTAK offers high density stacked DRAM components. For more details, please check our service section.
Customized SiP

System-in-Package product is not merely a combination of multiple dies in an IC package, it's a fully functional system or sub-system that ideal for the market such as mobile handset or MP3 player which requires smaller size while do more function.

POLYSTAK's customized SiP solutions will provide customers wide range of benefits such as reduce the overall size of final product while increased functionality, cost savings and so forth.

Please contact our product marketing team and see how POLYSTAK's solution enabling you to outperform competitors and dominate markets in so called 'Convergence Era'.

Custom IC Tester

Testing capability is our another strength. POLYSTAK develops cost and time effective custom IC tester. This proprietary system enhances the quality and reliability of MCP and SiP products POLSTAK produced.
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